The Deep Creek Ruritan Clubhouse is owned by the city of Chesapeake and sits on property owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is operated by the Deep CreekRuritan Club under a long term lease.  In the recent years, the club has spent in over $100,000 to renovate and maintain the facility.

The clubhouse is available to rent for $400 per day with a $100 dollar security deposit.  Rentals times are normally for a five (5) hour event, with consideration given to setting up and decorating before and after an event.  Security deposit is to be returned in accordance with rental contract agreement.  For further information regarding renting the clubhouse, please contact the rental manager (Tim Pepple) at 757-292-9316.  

Fund Raising Rental:  Consideration for using the Clubhouse as a fund raiser to benefit a family/organization/business for their relief will be given.  Should such fund raiser fall under the purview of our Ruritan mission, the rental fee may be waived.

In 2013 the club had the following improvements done to the clubhouse:

Painting interior
Replacing the floor
Replaced all windows
Upgraded rest rooms and added a coed handicapped accessible rest room
Replaced doors
Complete upgrade of heating and air conditioning air distribution system
Major repairs to fire safety equipment (new fire safety certificate issued by city fire department inspector)
Exterior lighting for handicap entrance
New entrance lighting
Major repairs to food warming equipment
Installed commercial ice maker and new refrigerator
Groomed entire building electrical system including needed repairs
Installed commercial dispensers in bathrooms and kitchen
Constructed portable work table in the kitchen
Cleaned repaired and painted all kitchen cabinets
Steam cleaned our beloved antique gas stove
Purchased portable table and chair dollies
Installed Wi-Fi 
New bathroom floors and carpet in the chair/table store room
New sound system (available for rent)
Electrical power now available in the picnic shelter
New contract for heat and A/C system
New contract for pest control

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